Ice Cream Made Fun Again

Come to savor some for the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted. And when you do, you’ll also be treated to an experience that you’ll always remember. A visit to Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab is all about wonderful memories. Whether your memories are of a 1920’s soda fountain or the raucousness of a Ferrell’s Zoo Sundae, you’ll be reminded of your youth at Doc Burnstein’s old- fashioned parlour. And you’ll create memories for your children as they experience the joy of an ice cream parlour created just for them. If you can catch Doc’s Ice Cream Lab Show on Wednesday evenings, you’ll be treated to a truly one-of- a-kind experience.

There is nostalgia in the parlour, located in a 100- year old building within the historic Village of Arroyo Grande. The parlour has retained the original wood floors, a tin ceiling and refinished antique booths, as well as a working soda fountain. You can have an ice cream soda, just like soda jerks made in the 20’s and 30’s.

Part of the fun of Doc Burnstein’s is discovering the model trains. Children of all ages enjoy following the trains as they circle the parlour overhead, disappearing into tunnels, crossing bridges, and even traveling outside the building! Above the track in the party room is an educational exhibit of model aircraft, showing the evolution of airplanes from the Wright Flyer to stealth aircraft. There’s even a model of the moon depicting the first lunar landing.

You’ll want to see Doc’s Ice Cream Lab Show, a 30-minute comedic skit where you’ll learn about the history of ice cream, invent a flavor to be made by the audience, and watch as Doc whips up a batch of the newest creation in the “Ice Cream Lab”, Doc’s manufacturing room. The show features lights, sounds effects and is fun for the whole family. Live performances every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm. If you miss the Show, you can still watch Doc and his Lab Assistants make ice cream through a window into the Lab.

As fun as a visit to the parlour is, the best reason to experience Doc Burnstein’s is their awardwinning ice cream. Ice cream lovers around the world are discovering what the San Luis Obispo Tribune described as, “The creamiest ice cream we’ve ever tasted.” The only super-premium ice cream made on the Central Coast, Doc Burnstein’s uses more cream than the rest. And they’ve won national recognition for it, earning a Blue Ribbon for quality and taste from the National Ice Cream Retailers Association. Doc’s features 32 rotating flavors daily from a recipe book of over 100 flavors, plus they are inventing new flavors all the time. You’ll find old- fashioned favorites alongside new concepts like Doc’s Java, Merlot Raspberry Truffle (yes, there is wine in it!), S’Mores, and the Elvis Special. You’ll never know what to expect on Doc’s flavor board, but you know it’ll taste phenomenal.

Nothing compares to a visit to Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab. However, if you need another fix of Doc Burnstein’s ice cream while visiting the Central Coast, you can find their award-winning ice cream at numerous ice cream scoop shops throughout the Central Coast. A complete listing is available at

Doc Burnstein’s is located at 114 W. Branch St, Village of Arroyo Grande. Phone: 805-474-4068. Open Fri & Sat, 11 a.m.- 10:30 p.m., and Sun-Thur, 11 a.m.-9:30p.m.

DOC BURNSTEIN’S ICE CREAM LAB Making ice cream fun again, Doc’s is a nostalgic ice cream parlour that creates its own awardwinning ice cream, and memories, daily. Watch Doc through a viewing window into his “Ice Cream Lab”, as he invents new flavors. Enjoy the model trains circling the parlour, disappearing into tunnels, reappearing over bridges, even passing outside the parlour. On Wednesday evenings be sure to see Doc’s Lab Show, a 30-minute comedic skit about ice cream where the audience creates a new flavor.Truly one-of- a-kind experience. Doc’s is a must- see for every family. Located at 114 W. Branch St., in the historic Village of Arroyo Grande. Open late. Phone 805-474-4068.

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