Testimonials for DoSLO

"Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the Central Coast visitor is a powerful consumer.”

“Dear DoSLO, I recently made my first trip to the Central Coast, and I was amazed at the diversity of the scenery, restaurants and wineries. I never would have found some of the wineries I visited without DoSLO, and I joined 3 wine clubs as a result. Keep up the good work and I hope to find some new hidden gems when I return this Spring.”
Mark Harris
Hillsborough, CA

“Travelhost has been an excellent addition to our rooms and the feedback from our guest is terrific. It’s entertaining and easy to use.”
Tim Billing, General Manager, Embassy Suites

“Dear DoSLO,
A note of thanks for your latest Central Coast guide which I think improves every issue you have shown to me. Best of luck with your project.”
Eric and Anni, Tourists

“We got 2 more from Travelhost again today! I can see it is working.”
Janice, Green Acres Lavender Farms

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